Sitting in Sadness

Because there is so much of it.

For the past several months I have been adjacent to a considerable amount of grief. I am learning how to grieve and support others in their sorrow. The Holy Spirit often does more work there, than any other place I have seen.

Being present with those in mourning is so hard. Joy and peace can seem completely inaccessible. Often there is anger and possibly overwhelming emotion. It requires so much gentleness and kindness to meet people on their grief. Sitting with some one going through grief makes us uncomfortable.

People don’t know what to do with grief. They bring meals or give money. Our culture want to honor it and then move on. Spending time with grief is unpleasant, and most Americans are averse to unpleasant situations. Americans like to live a work hard, play harder life.

Sadness interrupts life, and takes it over. It does not have a credit roll, cueing us to move on to the next thing.

To show love to the sad and grieving is to let it simply exist. Being patient means not projecting a timeline onto them, yet coaxing them to normal life. Self control means understanding that a grieving person can only manage limited amounts of normal.

If there is grief in your life, may you be guided by the Holy Spirit in the act of sitting with sorrow, as Jesus Christ himself did.

For the Ears

Notes of the Future is a new release by Yo-Yo Ma, cello and laments from different cultures. Hearing the languages and voices alongside the rich cello strings is a moment that we all need. We need to let grief have its moment in order to heal.

On The Next Right Thing Emily was giving words for hope.

Motherhood Named and Known was the podcast I was on recently and Leslie shared a lovely way to read the Scriptures for comfort.

For the Eyes

I recently discovered the Instagram account Scott the Painter and hav ordered a new piece from him for my office. It has taken me a long time to want art in home. I think is because I have artistic friends and family who also had so much art. Or because I didn’t have the extra funds. Or because I tend to prioritize books. 😀

Speaking of books, I have been using Grieving the Child I Never Knew as a guide for some of the ways comfort other women. If there is a woman you know who has miscarried or lost a child, this may be a good resource for her.

For the Taste Buds

I switched my coffee order to chai lattes. When I make chai at home I love the recipes from Jes Thomas. She has a delightful Instagram account as well.

May you find the fruit in the sorrow and grief that comforts your senses and your soul.

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